Since the new season of Sword Art Online is underway I decided to make a GGO design!

It’s styled like my athletics shirts without it actually being an athletics shirt. It’s also available on phone cases, tote bags, throw pillows, and more!!

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aiden-sullivan asked:
when does season two come out? i just finished season 1 so im vaguely looking for fan fictions until the premiere

SAO II (Gun Gale Online) has already started coming out! There are lots of places it is streaming, including Crunchroll and Hulu if you live in the US. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

Anonymous asked:
So Lisbeth how's you blacksmith shop doi'n?

Why, are you looking to make a purchase?


SAO2 ep2 preview. Alt: Dailymotion

Aoi Eir - Ignite (TV Size) Translation


After playing the TV Size of Ignite for the 30th time I thought I’d have a bash at translating it. Here’s the result. If anyone has any suggestions please flick them my way, I’m new at translating lyrics!

Aoi Eir - Ignite

Without hesitation

This world of contradiction 

by my hand will be fired away

In the warmth of tears that have been shed

I thought I knew what kindness was

Why is it that we must we hurt each other

When it’ll just give birth to hatred, I know

A jarring pain that’s given me

a strength that I know so well

That I’m sure will one day cover the future with it’s warmth I know

迷わずに今 矛盾だらけの世界をその手で撃ち放て
I won’t hesitate to will blow away this world full of contradiction

That sorrow hidden behind those red tears you’ve shed

Hold it close and embrace it gently

For they hold the hope that we

始まりの音に 変わるように
may one day change your echos in to a new beginning

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Eir Aoi - Ignite
Sword Art Online II OP Theme


Sword Art Online - Season 2 Opening - Ignite by Eir Aoi

For people still wondering where to watch the new episode: DAISUKI has released it on their youtube page.

- Mod Fil

i didn’t like how almost every girl kirito interacted with, fell in love with him. even his sister/cousin, i mean seriously.

Anonymous asked:
Do you know when dubbed English Sao will be released?

The first season already has an english dub. If you mean season 2, I didn’t read any sort of information regarding the dub work. Considering SAOII didn’t even air yet, I doubt we’ll be getting any information if, let alone when it will be released.

- Mod Fil

a-cleverer-url asked:
When do non-premium members on CR get SAO II?

Non-premium members of Crunchyroll will be able to watch SAO II on their website from July 12th on. Of course, there will be many other places to watch the new episode from tomorrow on already. According to the official Sword Art Online USA website, other than CR, it’ll be available on Daisuki and Hulu (even though I heard that is only available for american users). This post by sao2countdown also tells other websites you might get to watch it on tomorrow. The moment I know of a place to watch it, I’ll be sure to post it. If anyone knows of other websites, please, let me know! I hope everyone gets to watch the episode as soon as they can to avoid any unwanted spoilers! 

- Mod Fil

Anonymous asked:
Does anyone know what type of birds are in the cage with Asuna during the ALO arc? I know what they represent but I'm curious if they resemble a real species.


Good question! I’m not sure myself, but I always assumed they were robins.


But that’s mostly a wild guess really, since I don’t know about japanese birds or went to any sort of bird college. If anyone actually knows what kind of birds they are, let us know!

- Mod Fil

Fil has been singlehandedly running the blog for awhile (whoops!), so I totally missed this, but those aren’t robins! They sort of resemble American robins, but those are mostly confined to North America. Japanese robins look quite different. According to my online degree from bird colleges which are colleges for birds, and also light googling, I think they are Daurian redstarts (jōbitaki). It’s a very common bird in East Asia.

Since the female and the male of the species are very noticeably sexually dimorphic, that means both of those birds are male. I think we found SAO’s long-sought-after canon yaoi.

Also, hey, SAO II. Birds.

-Mod Sam

I wish that they had reached the 90th floor so that we could see the other unique skills. Especially how the Infinite Spear Skill works.

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When I first saw him, Klein reminded me a lot of Leon Kuwata from Dangan Ronpa: spiky red hair, laid back and punkish attitude, and general interest in women are things they both have in common.

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I recently started rewatching SAO, because my sister refuses to watch anime alone. We’ve finally begun the ALO arc, and I have to pretend to hate Sugou a lot more than I do. Sure, the guy’s evil and I don’t like him (especially after what he did to Asuna) but I can’t help kind of understanding him and his motivations.

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