"I didn’t hate the second season of SAO but I really didn’t like the Suguha storyline. it just felt really, really creepy since Kirito was more like an adopted brother to her than a cousin and even still, they’re related… I also wasn’t a fan of the cliche "hero saves helpless princess from villain" concept with Asuna being locked away and Kirito having to rescue her. I mean, c’mon."


When people say Asuna became dependent on Kirito, that irritates me, because she was at a position that she could be killed by the click of a button.”

I know that it’s unlikely, but I hope NerveGear/AmuSphere will be possible in the future. I’d love to play ALO!!!”

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Beautiful OP - Courage

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Haruka Tomatsu - courage
Sword Art Online II OP2

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Sword Art Online II — Episode 15 Preview: The Queen of the Lake (湖の女王)


mimanellaa promised to buy me chocolate if i were to draw her anime waifu
u better actually do it man i hurt my lil finger fo this stuff

bonus kirito bc my first reaction to his ggo outfit was “wow whos this mysterious bishoujo”

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I physically couldn’t get enough air in my lungs because my body was full of sweet potato fries.

Bryce Papenbrook, Q&A Panel, Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014

on why recording Sword Art Online had to be extended by a day

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Here’s a picture of me and my girlfriend cosplaying Sinon and Kirito from Katsucon 2014!

Sinon: miyukicosplay

Kirito: erickyodrift

PC: Eshao Studio


Sword Art Online II — Caliber PV
Ft. Opening Theme: courage by Tomatsu Haruka

Dialogue Translation:

Kirito: During that time, we saw the golden sword that shone in the highest grade.
Klein: All right! This is the last adventure of the year!
Kirito: All right, let’s do this!

(Translation Source: ANN)

Caliber will air starting next week Oct. 18, 2014 and Mother’s Rosario will follow on Nov. 8, 2014. The OP theme “courage” by Tomatsu Haruka will be released on Dec. 3, 2014.

P.S. Caliber takes place in December 2025 which is why Klein said “this is the last adventure of the year”. He was obviously referring to the SAO timeline and not ours (you know…just in case some of you misunderstand and get upset that it’s the last one of the year).


Inktober #1

SAO 2 fanart

(Fineliners and chinese ink, left the sketch in the back so it looked rougher)

As much as I can say bad stuff  about Sao Sinon was a standout, an actually flawed character that went trough stuff, if only the other characters had you know more FLAWS it would have been a better show, it’s ok.

Also her design is cute.

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I kind of watched the first season of SAO 40 times…”

I really hope Sinon doesn’t fall in love with Kirito as well.”


Shwo - Sword Art Online

Song - Party-go-round

Artist - Cast Recording - Rina Hidaka and Ayahi Takagaki