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When is SAO 2 coming?!

I like Sachi more than Asuna.”

i drew this one

isupercell reminds me of Asuna even though her icon is always Sinon. Whenever I picture Asuna I assume her name is Shiki and vice versa. Plus they’re both really nice!”

I never believed Kirito was a beater until late in the first season”

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Can you do a headcanon on what happens to Sugu's friend? The one that was a Sylph and used self destruct magic?

I assume you mean Recon/Nagata? My headcanon is that one day, he was walking, and realized he was completely, utterly alone in this world. He closed his eyes for the last time. Goodnight, sweet Recon. You were not long for this world.

-Mod Jen

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People need to start getting on the SAO chat. It's a party every night.


Hey everyone,

Here are some more character concept arts for the upcoming SAOII! Click on the image for a bigger version. And let’s not forget to thank TUSF of the SAO Wikia for the wonderful scans!

The right side image shows Sinon’s GGO avatar concepts. I’m really like that angry face of hers. On the left side, we have the real world Kirito and Asuna concepts. They are wearing very nostalgic clothing. I cannot wait to watch their date in the anime because OTP!

Source: Dengeki Bunko Magazine Vol.37

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Is this blog dead now? haven't seen any updates for a while

The blog isn’t dead, as in we do not plan on stopping posting confessions and uploading content. Lately we’ve been having problems keeping up with updates mostly because all of the mods have their own things going on right now! It’s just something that happens sometimes.

I hope I can get back to uploading consistently soon enough! I have many other plans for the blog (like trying to expand it for something other than just news and confessions, and maybe do something to help the SAO Skype Chat), so I hope I can concretize them!

- Mod Fil

Saoturday post, or 5 things you should know about SAO II before it airs.


It’s been a while since I’ve made a big old sword art online text post, I’ve been busy with Sourcedartonline and things regarding my health.  So here’s one that isn’t even a rant like I’m somewhat known for.  Maybe next Saturday about the silly myths surrounding the series.  But this Saoturday is all about season 2, and various things about it.  So here are five things you should know before season 2 airs.

  1. Asuna isn’t in it.  Assuming that the second season only covers the Phantom bullet arc, Asuna will get little to no screen time in this arc.  Asuna just isn’t as important of a character as she was in the beginning arcs moving forward.  She and kirito are still together, and that’s a continuing presence in the series, but other characters are instead the focus.  If the anime covers the “Mother’s Rosario” arc or it’s adapted to an OVA or movie then Asuna is almost exclusively the main character there.
  2. There’s no love sideplot.  Unlike the first two arcs and side stories which consisted of multiple women with the hots for kirito, you’ll find none of that here.  Phantom bullet’s title character, Sinon spends most of the arc wanted to beat kirito to a pulp.  And while there end up being scenes of tension between the two, they never really develop into more than that.
  3. Kirito looks like a girl.  Most people have probably seen the feminine kirito by now.  His avatar is in fact male but looks female.  Due to him being given an ultra rare character avatar by transferring his character data over.
  4. The threat of dying for real returns.  Though not as far reaching or extreme as the original game.  The main plot of the arc is that several people die in real life after being killed in the game, and kirito is employed by the government to investigate.  The tension however is there.
  5. The psychological effects of SAO are explored.  While the effects of the two years in SAO were explored somewhat in the second arc with how Kirito treats the game, the full effects of killing several people had not yet been explored.  Here kirito is forced to come to terms with what he was forced to do within the death game.


I am in full support of in-game marriage.


Wooooo some photos of me, mydeeralex, and cursedcamper from animeboston


A beautiful shot of cosplayer MortuaryMadness as Sword Art Online’s Yuuki Asuna!

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Once again, I apologize for the previous mistake. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s all good. Please just forget about it.

Let’s try this again shall we? -AHEM-

Today during Anime Japan 2014’s SAOII stage event, the SAO casts announced that Sword Art On Air II radio CD will debut in June 2014. Please take note that this date is for the radio broadcast and NOT for the anime series.

That is all the news I have for now.


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Our askbox is currently empty. In case you have any confessions to change that situation, send away!

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