Sword Art Online II — Blu-ray & DVD Box Illustration by abec


Sword Art Online II — Episode 09 Preview: Death Gun (デス・ガン)


sao version: its 2 in the morning and i can not be stopped


Sword Art Online II — Episode 06: Wasteland Duel - Preview Screencaps

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Hi everyone,

A dear Anon-san brought to my attention that SAO should have a graphic specific tag. So I would like to make it happen! I think we all noticed how messy the general SAO tag is. It’s very hard to find gifs and edits in that pool of chaos. Therefore, I hope that we can start a clean graphic tag together with your cooperation. From now one, please tag your SAO gifs and edits under #SAOGFX! In order to keep this tag tidy, it would be greatly appreciated that everyone follow the guideline listed below when posting. This may sound really intense and I cannot stop you from how you decide to use the tags. But please, be considerate of others. The SAO fandom really NEEDS a tag that they can enjoy. This tag will serve to gather all the SAO gifs and edits together.

Example of things to tag under #SAOGFX

  • Gifs
  • Edits
  • Coloring
  • PSDs

Please do NOT tag the following under #SAOGFX

  • Text Posts
  • Audio
  • Fanart
  • Video
  • Screencap
  • Repost

Since it is a graphic focused tag, one will need to use common sense to determine what goes into such tag. I decided to leave out fanart from this tag because of a few reasons: unsourced, inappropriate and spam of the same fanart. Please use the general SAO tag for your text posts and unedited screencaps, video as well as audio. Repost is a given, do not post anything you did not make yourself!

That is all! I hope to see some of your wonderful work in this tag! Feel free to reblog this post to get the word around! For people who are unsure how tags work on tumblr, I explain it briefly under readmore.

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Anonymous asked:
Are you still doing confessions? You haven't made any in a month.

We are, I guess, but sometimes we have to take breaks because we’re all kinda busy people. I have a lot of school and will be applying for college (which means I have to study a lot, especially since college appliance in Brazil works differently), and the other mods have similar problems.

Sometimes we go on hiatus for like, a month or two,. Making confessions is fun, but sometimes that just completely goes over our heads when we have to worry about family problems, or something related to anxiety, work or some problem with school. There isn’t much of a point in announcing a hiatus either since we don’t really plan on just leaving the blog hanging, it just happens.

- Mod Fil

Anonymous asked:
Do u know why asunas and kiritos avatars in season 2 are different in the fairy world but kiritos sisters isn't?

Asuna’s old avatar was the one as Queen Titania, not a player avatar she made herself, hence why it’s different. At the last episode of Fairy Dance you can see her with the same avatar she is using currently. Kirito just customized his appearance in-game, the avatar he was using was the default spriggan avatar after all. Lyfa’s is the same because she simply didn’t change.

- Mod Fil

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More photos of my Silica cosplay!

Photography by edniz


Since the new season of Sword Art Online is underway I decided to make a GGO design!

It’s styled like my athletics shirts without it actually being an athletics shirt. It’s also available on phone cases, tote bags, throw pillows, and more!!

You can get it from my redbubble here

You can also check out my KOB shirt from sword art online here!

aiden-sullivan asked:
when does season two come out? i just finished season 1 so im vaguely looking for fan fictions until the premiere

SAO II (Gun Gale Online) has already started coming out! There are lots of places it is streaming, including Crunchroll and Hulu if you live in the US. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

Anonymous asked:
So Lisbeth how's you blacksmith shop doi'n?

Why, are you looking to make a purchase?


SAO2 ep2 preview. Alt: Dailymotion

Aoi Eir - Ignite (TV Size) Translation


After playing the TV Size of Ignite for the 30th time I thought I’d have a bash at translating it. Here’s the result. If anyone has any suggestions please flick them my way, I’m new at translating lyrics!

Aoi Eir - Ignite

Without hesitation

This world of contradiction 

by my hand will be fired away

In the warmth of tears that have been shed

I thought I knew what kindness was

Why is it that we must we hurt each other

When it’ll just give birth to hatred, I know

A jarring pain that’s given me

a strength that I know so well

That I’m sure will one day cover the future with it’s warmth I know

迷わずに今 矛盾だらけの世界をその手で撃ち放て
I won’t hesitate to will blow away this world full of contradiction

That sorrow hidden behind those red tears you’ve shed

Hold it close and embrace it gently

For they hold the hope that we

始まりの音に 変わるように
may one day change your echos in to a new beginning

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Eir Aoi - Ignite
Sword Art Online II OP Theme


Sword Art Online - Season 2 Opening - Ignite by Eir Aoi